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  1. Good Afternoon from sunny UK,

    My question pertains to music and the christian. I currently attend a church in the UK where some of it’s members appear to believe that classical music is the only form of music fit for the christian to be involved in (whether as a recreational listener or a musician). And that all other forms are ‘worldly’.

    Being a christian musician myself and after years of (ongoing) research into many musical genres and their origins I’ve come to realise that their is beauty AND sinfulness in MANY styles. It is an issue I wrestle with as I want to use my gifts in a way that glorifies God but at the same time I don’t want to fall into sin.

    As a result of conviction I’ve found myself separating from many of the projects I were once indifferently involved in but I still struggle with the idea that classical music is the only pure form of music as I think that idea can easily be debunked. And if it is wrong to enjoy music that can be connoted with sin then doesn’t that mean that as christians we don’t listen to any music of any form?

    I eagerly await your response.

    God bless


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