285: Shazam: Fury of the Gods

Podcast… like lightning! We zoom back to weekly episodes to explore the endless doorways to conversation offered by the Shazam! sequel. Miles, James and Kat power up to discuss wisdom, youth, responsibility and sacrifice.

Oh, and dragons. 

Tell Steve to add dragons.

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  1. As far as their conversation regarding Shazam, I think Popcorn Theology tend to over analyze the possible conversations we could have with many who don’t know Christ and simply make comparisons more than the fault or missteps the creators of the movie intended. After all, Shazam is a fictional character. I get it — these dudes (and lady) are smart. Most likely from a reformed background as they tend to intellectually engage reality (even from the realms of creativity) with scriptural guidance, which is fine to a point. However, I just feel this movie had more insight to a death, burial, and even a resurrection that is obvious and recognizable. Instead of clarifying every point to point out post-modernism or silly phrases, there could be the motivation to point out what Jesus did in his sacrifice for us. I definitely agree that a sacrifice from the foster dad or mom would’ve made a greater impact or someone who was once an enemy to redeem themselves for such a scenerio. Thanks for the insight!


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