PP: The Incredible Hulk

Introducing! A new series from Popcorn Theology called, ‘Popcorn Prequels’…

A Long Time Ago, In a Ministry Far, Far Away, our co-host James ran a Film & Theology program and gave spiritual examinations before a live audience, not unlike what we do with Popcorn Theology. We’ve decided to pull film files from the “Cinemagogue vault” periodically to look at both classic films and classic explorations of their spiritual themes.

This week? In respect to the MCU’s “Road to Endgame” David and James introduce a comprehensive look at The Incredible Hulk: the character, the comic, and the MCU offering starring Edward Norton. How has Hulk (and Bruce Banner) been used over five decades, and in the movie, to explore human nature?

We’ll be back with our regular programming very soon! 

(Written content from Cinemagogue on this film can be seen here)

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