Episode 126: Derek Webb

This episode of Popcorn Theology is going to be a little different. We took a break from chatting up movies and television to talk with Derek Webb – a musical artist who has been around for a long time now and has had a very unique journey spiritually. 

We appreciate Derek’s willingness to come on the podcast with us to chat with us about some very serious and important subject matter. He was forthright about where he’s coming from (as he no longer identifies as a Christian believer, at this time), but was gracious in hearing a little push back to his own position at the same time. 

The conversation was honestly pretty emotionally laborious and taxing, at least for us. But it was also good to have, and we hope you enjoy listening to it – hearing from Derek himself where he’s coming from, thinking through the consistency of our own biblical worldview, etc. 

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  1. I just listened and I noticed Derek seemed to go out of his way to not call himself anything.
    When I was younger, I refused to take jobs that I felt were beneath me and I often said that if I couldn’t be something I wanted, I wouldn’t be anything. I thought I could choose nothing, but I was really just a loser with no job. You can’t be nothing.

    I wish someone would ask Derek basic questions like:
    – What do you think will happen to you when you die?
    – Do you require this level of evidence for all areas of your life?
    – When your children ask about God, what do you tell them? Do you want them to believe the same way you do?


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