090: Spider-Man

Richard and David are excited for the new Spider-Man flick, but before we get there.. we need to take a look at the classic series of Spider-Man films, beginning with the original.

The film presents us with many things to consider. Is this story, like any story worth telling, about a girl? Why should we do the ‘right’ thing – because it will go better for us, or simply because it is right? Who sets the standard of what is the ‘right’ thing? The Green Goblin seems to personify evil as being separate somehow from the human it inhabits.. in what ways is this true of sin? In what ways could it be said this is not true?

And a bunch of other stuff too! We hope you enjoy the conversation.

If you’re interested, we took a look at a clip during this episode which was part of the original advertising for the movie and involved the World Trade Center. In the aftermath of 9/11, this ad wasn’t used.. but it was definitely interesting. You can see it here.

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