048: Highlander

Richard is joined by Nathan Bell of These Go To 11 Podcast to talk about the cult-classic 80’s movie, Highlander – as well as the franchise spawned from the film, as well.

Discussion is more on the Popcorn side of Popcorn Theology, but we did get to discuss the idea of eternity and the curse it would be if our loved ones were not eternal themselves, discipleship, and more.

Highlander on IMDB
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Catch up with more from Nathan Bell at These Go To 11 as well as Pop Culture Ninja!

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  1. Fun episode guys! Another great soundtrack by a recording artist was Jack Johnson’s for the 2006 Curious George film. Also, if you’re a Christopher Lambert fan, The Sicilian(1987) is an interesting film to check out, based on a historical figure. I enjoyed it as a teenager, and am not so sure how it will hold up.


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